Sunday, January 24, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: IDF chief of staff, Gen. Dan Shomron, orders soldiers to use force only when necessary to quell disturbances. P. M. Shamir's office prevents journalist Hanna Siniora from leaving for U. S. Shops open in Gaza. More than 40,000 Gazans return to jobs in Israel. General strike and scattered violence continue in and around E. Jerusalem [CSM, WP 1/25]. Soldiers use crowbars, break locks in attempt to force shops to open in W. Bank and Gaza Strip [FJ 1/3 1]. W. Germany's F. M. Hans Dietrich meets with 7 W. Bank and Gaza Strip Palestinians [FBIS 1/27]. Al-Sha'b editor Salah Zuhayka, arrested 1/14, receives 6-month administrative detention order [FJ 1/31]. Administration of Haifa's Rambam Hospital fires dozens of striking Palestinian workers [FJ 1/31].

Arab World: Jordanian police quickly disperse 150 protesters marching illegally to support Palestinian uprising in W. Bank, Gaza Strip, and E. Jerusalem [NYT 1/25]. Arab foreign ministers meeting in Tunis pledge financial and moral support for Palestinians inW. Bank and Gaza Strip, call for international peace conference [NYT 1/25]. Tunis and Egypt announce resumptionf full diplomatic relations [FJ 1/31].

Other Countries: Rabbi Alexander Schindler, pres. of Union of Am. Hebrew Congregations, criticizes Iraeli policy of "might, power, and beatings" in occupied territories as "morally wrong" [WP 1/25].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Curfews are lifted for Gaza Strip's Nusayrat, Burayj, and Maghazi refugee camps; only Jabalya camp and part of Rafah camp remain under curfew [CSM, WP 1/25]. In the W. Bank, old and new 'Askar camps and village of Bayt 'Ur al-Tahta remain under curfew; Hebron-region village of Sa'ir is still closed military zone [FJ 1/31]. Protesters blockade roads, throw stones in scattered incidents in Jerusalem and 'Anata refugee camp [FBIS 1/25]. In Ramallah, soldiers use tear gas, rubber bullets, and live ammunition to disperse peaceful demonstration; Palestinian bystander is shot in back, seriously injured [FJ 1/31]. Several people are injured, arresteduring clash between army and demonstrators in Hebron district's Bani Na'im village [FJ 1/31].