Monday, May 26, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli Defense Minister Rabin rejects P.M. Thatcher's call for free elections in occupied territories, says EEC should contributeo material improvement of territories [BG, MG 5/27]. P.M. Thatcher later meets 8 Palestinian leaders at British consulate in Jerusalem [CT 5/27], including Bethlehem Mayor Ilyas Furayj, Rashad al-Shawwa, and Hanna Siniora [CT, LT 5/27], who give her memo. Israeli Attomey General Zamir asks police to examine evidence in case involving Shin Bet head [NYT 5/27]. Zamir will proceed with prosecution of Shin Bet head Avraham Shalom [MG 5/27].

Arab World: King Hussein travels to Baghdad to meet Iraqi President Sadam Husayn [LAT 5/27]. Al-Ahram reports Syrian plot to assassinate PLO Chairman Arafat [MG 5/27] and replace him with Syrian-backed Khalid al-Fahum, former chairman of PNC. PLO Chairman Arafat meets in Tunis with Dutch Foreign Minister Hans van den Broek, president of EEC Council of Ministers, despite Israeli protests. Hafiz al-Asad, on official visit to Greece, condemns terrorism.