Tuesday, December 31, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Electric Co. official announces Israel will build first nuclear power plant in Negev [JP 1/1].

Arab World: King Hussein and Pres. Asad end two days of talks; no official statement is issued [NYT, TS 1/1]. Yasir Arafat issues statement blaming unnamed Arab intelligence services for backing renegade Palestinian groups, denounces terrorism [WP 1/1], vows to continue legitimate armed struggle against Israeli occupation [TS 1/1].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Ha'Aretz reports attacks on Israeli military have increased in past 10 days (leading up to 21st anniversary of founding of Fateh), cites 4 grenade and arson attacks, including 12/22 arson of Egged buses in Gaza [FJ 1/3]. Israeli troops and SLA militia raid S. Lebanese Shi'ite village of Kunin, arrest 32 men, force 2,000 residents to leave, blow up and burn houses, according to witnesses quoted by Lebanese police; Israeli military state SLA searched Kunin for gunmen who attacked SLA patrol night before, killing 4 [NYT 1/1].

Arab World: Unidentified gunmen ambush Pres. Jumayyil's empty limousine, in apparent assassination attempt [WP, TS 1/1]. Asad Shaftari, intelligence head of the Lebanese Forces (Christian) also narrowly escapes death when his car is attacked [LAT 1/1].