Sunday, September 1, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli authorities detain 14 more Palestinians under administrative detention orders. Forty-six Palestinians have been put under administrative detention since 8/28. No charges or evidence brought against any of the detainees [NYT 9/2]. Administrative detention and deportation policies were reinstated 8/4 as part of Israel's new security measures. Free trade agreement between Israel and the U.S. goes into effect, cutting U.S. tariffs on Israeli imports and Israeli tariffs on U.S. products in four stages. All trade tariffs between the 2 countries will be eliminated by 1/1/95. The U.S. Commerce Dept. will open Is, rael Information Center in Washington, D.C. to assist companies seeking to do business in Israel; 20 trade seminars are scheduled [JP 9/1; BG 9/2]. Tel Aviv magistrate's court rejects police request and releases 3 suspects in the land fraud case on bail after 45 days of detention [JP 9/2]. Jerusalem Post reports 5,000 Palestinians and Israelis gathered in Umm al-Fahm village in the Galilee 8/31 to protest racism and mark occasion a year ago when MK Meir Kahane tried to enter the village [JP 9/1, NYT 9/2].

Military Action

Arab World: Fateh statement blames American-Zionist agents for 8/30 killing of Mustafa Qasim Khalifa, Palestinian guerrilla leader loyal to Arafat, and says proand anti-Arafat Palestinian groups will meet in effort to head off showdown [NYT 9/1].