Tuesday, July 30, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli Knesset passes, by vote of 60-0, law banning future election lists that advocate racism [FJ 8/9]. Clause proposed by Justice Minister Moshe Nissim bans election lists which reject the legitimacy of Israel as the "state of the Jewish people." Progressive List for Peace and the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (Israeli Communist party) abstained in Knesset vote; PLP spokesman Kamil Dahir submits resignation in protest of abstention vote. Two Palestinians are found dead near car in West Bank village of Tubas, in what police say was apparently an accidental detonation of a car bomb [WP 7/31]. Palestinian sources speculate they may have been murdered [FJ 8/2]. U. S. Asst. Defense Sec. Richard Perle announces Israel agrees to participate in Strategic Defense Initiative research [BG 7/31]. Jane's Defence Weekly reports that Israel's clandestine arms sales to China have bolstered its international weapons trade to $1.2 billion annually [MJ 8/16].

Arab World: Jordanian and PLO officials say 2 Palestinians acceptable to Israel - Hanna Siniora and Fayez Abu Rahmeh - are intended only as "consultants" to joint Palestinian-Jordanian delegation [WP 7/31]. Al-Fajr English newspaper reports sources in Tunis say PLO condemns new West Bank committee set up by local pro-Jordanian figures to lobby for joint Jordanian-Palestinian moves [FJ 8/2].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Albert Buchris, 32, from Afula, shot to death in Nablus market. Nablus and 2 nearby refugee camps put under curfew; residents are teargassed, house-to-house searches are conducted for the weapon used in the killing. Al-Najah University is closed [WP, LAT 7/31, JTA 8/1].

Arab World: Syria delivers 50 Soviet-made T-54 tanks to Amal in south Beirut [DT 7/31].