Monday, August 19, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin fails to persuade 3 MKs occupying apartment in Hebron to end illegal sit-in [WP 8/20]. Peres says govemment will remain sole body to authorize timing and location of settlement in occupied territories. Four more MKs join the protest sit-in: Yuval Ne'eman, Tehiya; Haim Druckman, Morasha; Benny Shalita and Dov Shilansky, Likud [JP 8/20]. Reports indicate Fara'a prison near Nablus has stepped up use of torture and intimidation. Water is often cut and quality of food is deteriorating. Overcrowding continues [FJ 8/23]. West Bank land dealer Moshe Zar submits defense in 9-month-old suit brought against him by 9 Beersheba residents who say he failed to deliver on IS 54 million of land purchases [JP 8/20]. Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of Jewish Defense League, states he has resigned as group's leader, in move to save chances of getting visa to the U.S. since Knesset passed bill 7/31 outlawing MKs from having dual citizenship, which Kahane now has. Irv Rubin, 40, is appointed new leader [NYT 8/20].

Other Countries: Pope John Paul II, speaking in Casablanca, Morocco during an unprecedented visit to a Muslim country, states the status of Jerusalem, now under Israeli control, should be reviewed [WP 8/20].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Gasoline bomb is thrown at Israeli military vehicle in Gaza Strip between Gaza City and Jabalya refugee camp. No casualties reported [FJ 8/23].

Arab World: SLA militia, trying to retaliate against Shi'ite attacks, mistakenly shell Irish UNIFIL post, narrowly miss killing troops [FT 8/20].