Saturday, August 24, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: The Guardian reports 3 Israelis and 6 Palestinians have been detained in connection with land fraud investigation [MG 8/24]. Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin warns Amal that Israel will not allow it to carry out attacks across the northern border [MG 8/25]. The Washington Post reports Knesset Internal Affairs Committee voted 7-4 to block construction of the Mormon Center on Mount of Olives [WP 8/24]. A new memorial, called the Center for Special Studies in the Memory of the Fallen of Israel's Intelligence Community, opens in Tel Aviv [NYT 8/25].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Andre Alush, 40, is shot and killed by lone gunman in Tulkarm. Curfew is imposed [WP 8/25]. Avi Oved, of Tiberias, is shot three times in the marketplace of Jenin. His condition is serious. Curfew is immediately imposed [WP 8/25]. Katyusha rocket fired from Lebanon falls in northern Israel, causing no casualties [WP 8/25].

Arab World: IDF carry out large-scale search operations in 3 south Lebanese villages: Qabrikha, Majd al-Salim, and Shaqra. Search follows firing of a katyusha into the Galilee earlier in the week. Several arrests are made and a variety of weapons seized [MG 8/25]. The Arab Socialist Ba'th party claims suicide bomber killed or wounded 60 at a SLA checkpoint; Israel's army radio says one Lebanese Christian soldier was killed and 2 others wounded [MG 8/25].