Tuesday, September 4, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Death sentences of Maher & Karim Yunis [conferred 12/271/84] for killing Jewish hitch-hiker (1980) commuted to life in prison by Lydd court. El Al airline announces $14.3 million loss in fiscal 1984.

Arab World: Christian Lawyer Joseph Hashem announced to replace deceased Pierre Gemayel as Lebanese Health and Communications Minister.

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli authorities demolish power station and grid belonging to Jerusalem Electric Co. at Ain al-Sultan camp claiming that construction was not licensed. About 50 armed Israeli squatters storm and take possession of Palestinian home near Herod's Gate, Old Jerusalem. 3 Dheisheh camp nationalists injured in stabbing by anti-nationalist group members after week of confrontations; nationalist supporters respond by demolishing Young Men's Muslim Assoc. headquarters.

Arab World: IDF engineer corps commander Cohen says IDF spending $17 million to fortify eastern front in Lebanon for winter. IDF release 45 detainees from Ansar concentration camp in S. Lebanon, where about 800 remain.