Thursday, June 28, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Supreme Court overrules Central Election Com. decision and allows Kach and Progressive List for Peace slates in July elections. About 40 IDF soldiers, including elite Golani Brigade members, demonstrate against IDF presence in Lebanon, deliver written protests to PM Shamir and DM Arens. Town arrest renewed for 6 mos. for al-Fajr journalists Musa Jaradat & Fathi Jaradat in Sa'ir, near Hebron. Oslo University donates 2,000 books to Najah Nat'l. U.

Arab World: In Quneitra (Golan Heights) ceremony, Israel exchanges 291 Syrian soldiers & 20 Golan residents held prisoner for 6 POWs taken by Syria; bodies of 5 IDF and 72 Syrian casualties also exchanged.

Other Countries: Bomb explodes in Colombo hotel killing local woman; Sri Lanka police believe intended for 2 resident Israeli advisors.