Friday, June 11, 1982

Military Actions:

Fierce tank, artillery and air battles force Syrians out of range of Israeli territory; while Israel and Syrians declare a cease-fire, PLO combat goes on; cease-fire leaves Israel controlling one-third of Lebanese territory; 18 Syrian MIGs shot down (total Syrian losses now 79) and 9 T-72 USSR-supplied tanks knocked out; Israeli jets hit PLO military command offices; 3 Israeli shells from ships land in West Beirut; Syrian-Israeli forces exchange fire along coast south of Beirut; Israel blocks boats leaving Jounieh, north of Beirut; PLO fights Israelis all day; guerrillas with-drawing into West Beirut.

Syria reports 2 Israeli drones shot down over Damascus; first major shipment of new USSR equipment arrives during night in Syria; contingent of 3,000 Iranian troops arrives during night; Syria says it lost 83 tanks June 10, and destroyed 164 Israeli tanks; captured Israeli tank and crew paraded in Damascus.


International Committee of the Red Cross estimates 500,000 people driven from their homes in southern Lebanon since June 6; 120 killed, mostly civilians, from Israeli air and sea bombardment of Beirut; Israelis shell downtown civilian areas of Beirut, destroying state-run radio; school children killed; western aid agencies say 80-90 percent of the estimated Palestinian casualties so far are civilian; Gen. Sharon says 100 Israeilis killed, 600 wounded.

Political Responses:

Israel/Occupied Territories: Gen. Sharons ays cease-fire does not extend to Palestinian guerrillas.

Arab Governments: Foreign ministers of Arab League meet in Tunis to prepare for summit on Israeli invasion (later postponed indefinitely at Lebanese request); Tunisian workers burn a US flag during protest rally sponsored by UGTT (trade union federation); a few members of Egypt's Assembly propose end to normalizing relations with Israel (rejected); Egyptian daily al-Ahram alleges US collusion with Israel as Egyptian Foreign Minister leaves for the US to discuss autonomy talks.