Thursday, June 17, 1982

Military Action:

Israelis, PLO exchange fire at airport, destroying 2 jets; Israeli gunboats shell airport, Palestinian camp (large fires reported); Israeli jeeps moving freely in southeastern Beirut; IDF claims 100 PLO tanks destroyed, huge weapons stockpiles captured; 250 PLO members holed up in 2 Sidon mosques; US call for 48-hour cease-fire fails; at IDF-called meeting, a group of Lebanese Christians de-clares loyalty to Haddad.


Arafat, in letter to UN, says 80,000 killed, 10,000 missing, 800,000 homeless; in Damour, no apartment blocks still stand; first UN/ICRC shipments reach Tyre, Sidon and the Bekaa valley, but IDF continues to ban relief shipment to Beirut; ICRC estimates 100,000-300,000 affected by fighting in Lebanon; IDF announces 214 Israelis killed, 1,114 wounded, 12 missing since outbreak of hostilities.

Political Responses:

Israel/Occupied Territories: Many unhappy with war as unnecessary, trying to impose solution on Lebanon; Israeli Cabinet votes for IDF not to enter Beirut; Israeli Pioneer Women start program to host Lebanese women, children for one-month stays; Shimon Peres meets Jumblatt in Lebanon in response to Socialist International request for report on Jumblatt's situation.

Palestinians/Lebanese: PLO asks that 250,000 Palestinian refugees be granted permanent residency, for retention of PLO administrative structure in Lebanon, and that PLO units keep their weapons, subject to negotiations with the Lebanese government, as the conditions for evacuation of PLO military units from Beirut; Habib meets with Sarkis (US reportedly wants Lebanese Army deployed in Beirut); Jumblatt meets with Habib to detail objections to Council's composition; Phalangists seen in Israeli uniforms, with US-made weapons; PLO official slain by car bomb in Rome.

Arab Governments: Libya reportedly considers military intervention in Lebanon, asks Arab oil-exporters to consider using oil weapon against Israel and its allies; Egyptian Foreign Minister says PLO willing to lay down arms; Egyptian government allows opposi-tion coalition to deliver petition to Mubarak representative but bans protest march; For-eign Minister Ghali bans sending Egyptian volunteers to fight with PLO, rejects demand for break in relations with Israel.

US and Other Countries: Pentagon reportedly makes unprecedented "formal dissent" to Haig's policy on Israel; France, Austria call for all troops to leave Lebanon.