Monday, July 19, 1982

Military Action:

IDF jets make repeated reconnaissance passes over Beirut as IDF armored units dig in around airport and trade small arms fire with PLO guerrillas in southern suburbs; PLO building ramparts at key intersections to impede IDF tank passage; Syria and PLO reinforcing units in Bekaa valley; IDF matches their efforts in adjacent zones.


IDF attack on Tyre resulted in losses of almost $75 m., loss of personal goods and autos may add another $10 m.; similar study of Sidon expected to show losses of around $100 m.; acting president of the American University of Beirut kidnapped, reportedly in return for kidnapping of Shiite in Phalange area; although food is entering Beirut, fuel is still cut, threatening hospital and sanitation services in W. Beirut; mounting piles of garbage reported in Beirut, as well as broken water mains; Palestinian refugees are returning to devastated camps for lack of other places to go; Lebanese farmers complain of Israeli imported fruit undercutting their market; Israeli Economy Minister Meridor, in US, says Israel is allowing food supplies from Saudi Arabia into Lebanon via Israel.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Economy Minister, in Washington, denies any limitations on supplying Beirut; debate erupts in Knesset on Lebanese situation; Knesset Foreign Affairs Committee told it will need to find winter shelter for about 20-30,000 Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese and PLO officials look to US for new initiative to stave off IDF assault on Beirut, pin hopes on Reagan meeting with Syrian and Saudi Foreign Ministers tomorrow; Hani al-Hassan and Salam both urge US to talk directly with PLO to speed negotiations; PLO leader Khalid al- Hassan travels to Washington as part of the Arab League delegation meeting Administration officials; Habib presents all parties with "final" proposals that call for a total Syrian/ Palestinian withdrawal from Lebanon and withdrawal of IDF to the port of Sidon.

Arab Governments: Syrian president Assad says Syrian troops will remain in Lebanon as long as IDF troops.

US and Other Countries: Habib meets with key Lebanese officials during day but makes little progress; Greece informs Lebanon it is willing to contribute 300 soldiers to a peace-keeping force; US, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Austria also have offered to participate; shipment of US cluster bombs halted to Israel until review of their use in Lebanon completed; Senator D'Amato of New York, in Jerusalem for talks, says Israel is prepared to use force to get PLO out of Beirut; Zaire's President Mobutu invites Begin to visit Zaire in August; Saudi foreign minister, on eve of meeting with Reagan, asks US to endorse Palestinian self-rule, negotiate directly with PLO.