Tuesday, October 5, 1982

Military Action:

Lebanese Army, aided by French troops, seals off downtown West Beirut, paralyzing commercial area, as troops check identification papers door-to-door; cease-fire in Tripoli after 36 hours of street-fighting between rival factions.


450 detained by Lebanese Army, some driven away blindfolded (total arrested in past 2 weeks now estimated at 2,000, prompting urgent talks between Italian and US Ambassadors); bulldozers clear rubble from South Lebanon camps to make tent sites (clearing delayed by unexploded bombs); IDF estimates 5,000 refugees remain in camps, UNRWA estimates 13,000; Israeli Minister Meridor visits Ein al-Hilweh.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Begin tells Draper all PLO forces must leave before Israeli and Syrian simultaneous withdrawal; Begin will allow senior IDF officers to review Cabinet meeting minutes concerning decision to enter West Beirut before testifying at Board of Inquiry; Reserve Brigade puts ad in Tel Aviv paper asking Sharon to apologize for saying their unit does not fight; Eitan says IDF likely to leave Lebanon before winter.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese radio asserts all foreign forces will leave by Nov. 22 (39th anniversary of Lebanese independence from France); PLO to open information office in Hague (had hoped for diplomatic status); Wazzan says Lebanon will not sign peace treaty with Israel; PLO's Shafik al-Hout sends condolences to Amin Gemayel over death of Bashir.

Arab Governments: Saudi Ambassador meets with Gemayel.

US and Other Countries: Habib en route to Washington to brief Reagan; Reagan asks State Department to accelerate plans for withdrawal of foreign forces from Lebanon; Pentagon sources say they received first indications of massacre on Friday, day before Phalangists are pulled out of camps.

UN: Anti-Israeli resolution submitted to UNESCO Executive Board.