Wednesday, November 3, 1982

Military Action:

Fighting between Sunni and Shiite militias in Tripoli; Chouf region tense following more clashes, IDF surrounds Brih and Kfar Nabrakh to stop fighting; Phalange calls on East Beirut residents to cooperate with Lebanese Army as it moves into center of East Beirut with support of French and Italian forces; US Marines postpone deployment into East Beirut; 6 Israeli Druze in IDF court-martialled for entering Lebanese Druze village without permission; Finland agrees to send 460-man battalion to replace Nepalese soldiers in UNIFIL in South Lebanon; grenade tossed at IDF vehicle in center of Sidon, following similar incidents along coastal road.


Estimates of 8 to 20 Lebanese killed, over 21 wounded in Chouf fighting; UPI reports death toll in Beirut massacre now estimated at 1,962; IDF concedes troops looted in Lebanon "in a number of isolated instances," but claims all looters were severely punished.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israeli foreign ministry official claims 2-3,000 PLO guerrillas have infiltrated into Bekaa since evacuation from Beirut in August, another 4-5,000 in camps around Tripoli; Shamir, in Knesset debate, defends Government policy in Lebanon against Labor Party attacks, says IDF will remain until "peace for Galilee" achieved, and berates Gemayel government for "negative tones"; aide Avi Dudai says Sharon personally gave order allowing Phalange to enter camp, in closed testimony before Commission of Inquiry; protests continue throughout Occupied Territories, leading to closure of Ramallah Teachers College; al-Fajr journalist Samaan Khoury gets one-year suspended sentence for possessing banned magazine; Jewish settlers hold emergency meeting to discuss growing attacks on settlers; Gush Emunim announces new yeshiva to be opened at site of Joseph's tomb in Nablus; Housing Minister David Levy announces plans for 5 more settlements on West Bank.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Gemayel meets with officials seeking to halt spread of fighting in Chouf; Wazzan says government has agreed on new measures to stop fighting.

Arab Governments: King Fahd visits King Hassan in Fez to discuss diplomatic campaign for peace settlement.

US and Other Countries: White House announces Begin to meet Reagan November 19 during "private" visit; Italian Prime Minister Spadolini, following meeting with Reagan in White House, says US and Italy exploring ways to increase presence in Lebanon.