Wednesday, November 24, 1982

Military Action:

Israeli military patrol ambushed near Tyre.


Over 200 Lebanese and Palestinian women demonstrate outside Prime Minister Wazzan's Beirut office demanding release of husbands and sons arrested by the Lebanese Army.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Commission of Inquiry publishes warning to Begin, Sharon, Shamir, four top army commanders (Eitan, Yaron, Drori, Seguy) and two other officials (Dudai, Mossad head) that they may be found guilty of "nonfulfillment of duty" before and during massacre (detailed letters sent to each give them 15 days to notify Commission whether they want to reappear to testify, submit new evidence, or cross-examine other witnesses, gives them the right to seek legal counsel); Shamir, in appearance before Commission denies that he was told of massacre by fellow Cabinet member September 17, says Zipori never mentioned killings, only "running wild," asserts he only heard of civilian deaths Saturday, September 18; border troops dispatched to Ben Gurion airport to quell worker riots following share-holders' vote to dismantle El Al airlines; West Bank university administrators given one week to decide whether to accept revised work permit form for foreign lecturers.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO adviser Nabil Shaath, in interview, says PLO rejects reconizing Israel in return for talks with US government.

Arab Governments: Syria rejects Habib call for simultaneous, phased withdrawal from Lebanon.

US and Other Countries: Habib arrives in Jerusalem in effort to gain agreement on beginning talks, meets with Shamir; US State Department expresses concern over "creeping annexation" and new guidelines for reducing influence of West Bank Palestinians who support the PLO; Mitterrand arrives in Cairo.