Tuesday, November 23, 1982

Military Action:

IDF reportedly spent lS215 m. in past 4 months building new roads linking military installations to Lebanese roads in South Lebanon; US Sixth Fleet soldiers on shore leave in Haifa for first time since June.


Israel reportedly seeking alternative homes for 640 non-Arab detainees it wants to free from Ansar, but whose home countries refuse to admit them.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Begin, in first public appearance since his wife's death, meets Haig in Tel Aviv; Sharon confers in Israel with US General Starry, urges US to provide arms, IDF training for Lebanese Army; Economics Minister Meridor tells Knesset committee South Lebanon, refugee camps will be back to preinvasion conditions in one month, says UNRWA will give each displaced refugee family $450; Tehiya MK protests resettlement of refugees so near border; Haaretz publishes poll showing Likud support down to 30 percent from 41.5 percent before Beirut massacre, but Labor Party support rises only marginally; Jaffa Arabs protest new housing plan and relocation; Sulha (peace-making meeting) held between Nablus Chamber of Commerce and Elon Moreh settlers; Colonel Yigal Karmon meets with heads of three West Bank universities to clarify wording of new work permit for foreign lecturers (several West Bank lecturers dismiss change as "cosmetic"; Israeli official indicates those deported may return to teaching after signing new work permits); Karmon directive to pressure "extremist mayors" and neutralize pro-Jordanian West Bank Palestinians published in greater detail (dated October 29, it contains notes from October 24 conference and is signed by Ravi Avisar).

Palestinians/ Lebanese: West Bank Mayors Mohammed Milhem and Fahd Qawasme meet with Shultz in Washington, reportedly float two proposals for negotiations-one would have joint Jordanian-Palestinian delegation with Palestinians not directly identified with PLO but authorized by them to negotiate, other would have same forces within broader Arab delegation; Lebanese foreign ministry asserts Iranian revolutionary guards involved in yesterday's attack on Baalbek city hall, as Foreign Minister Elie Salem meets Iranian ambassador to protest.

Arab Governments: Syria criticizes US role as Habib arrives for talks on troop withdrawals from Lebanon; Egyptian Foreign Minister Hassan Ali and Israeli Ambassador Sasson meet on bilateral issues, including Taba; on eve of Mitterrand's visit Mubarak says France and Egypt will give Reagan plan precedence over their own initiatives; reports that Egypt extradited 5 Palestinian students to Israel in early November after alleging their involvement in Sadat's assassination.

US and Other Countries: US official says Shultz needs more information on new work permit requirements to ensure that his concerns have been resolved; over 400 academics from 20 colleges and universities nation-wide sign petition to Congress to suspend military and economic aid to Israel; French President Mitterrand, in interview, says Palestinians should have their own state; EEC sends Danish envoy to Israel to seek halt to settlements.

UN: Arab governments fail to unseat Israel at special UNESCO session in Paris.