Friday, November 26, 1982

Military Action:

IDF closes all roads to Aley following new outbreak of sectarian fighting, cease-fire called two hours later; IDF bus hit by gunfire, RPGs in ambush south of Beirut near Deir Oubel. 


Casualties from yesterday's explosion in Shiyah put at 12 killed, 15 wounded; nine Christians buried in Beirut, killed during Druze attack on Christian sector of Kfar Nabrakh three weeks ago and bodies only discovered 2 days ago in well near Ain Zhalta; 1 killed, 1 wounded in Aley.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Attorney-General Zamir rebukes Likud MK Seyger for calling for resignation of Commission of Inquiry (says statement illegal, but parliamentary immunity will exempt him from prosecution); Israeli Science Minister Ne'eman says Israel to set up space agency to build and launch satellites; 2 killed in bomb blast at Israeli embassy in Ecuador; Village League leaders, at memorial service for Ramallah leader slain last year, call for setting up new youth movement in Hebron to support negotiations with Israel.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO Central Council criticizes Reagan plan but does not formally reject it after heated 9-hour debate in Damascus, gives Arafat vote of confidence and permission to continue diplomacy; Damascus- based PLO leaders insist PNC should be held in Syria, call for rejection of Reagan plan; Arafat seeks meeting outside Syria to be free of pressures from Assad; Wazzan charges Israel with stalling talks following meeting between Gemayel and Draper.