Saturday, November 27, 1982

Military Action:

35 Lebanese Army soldiers seize drugs, including all anesthesia, from Gaza Hospital serving Shatila and Sabra camps.


Lebanese Prime Minister Wazzan meets with women demonstrators, later agrees to seek speeding up of detainees interrogations.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Labor leader Peres denies he has agreed to yield party leadership to President Navon; over 2,000 Peace Now activists hold protest rallies against settlement efforts in Hebron, Nofim and Shavei Shomron.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat delays departure from Syria for Amman for 4 hours, but finally leaves without meeting Assad; Lebanese Prime Minister Wazzan again charges Israel with stalling talks with demand for political negotiations after meeting with Gemayel and Draper.

Arab Governments: Hussein meets Habib, then Arafat, to discuss peace plans; Egyptian Foreign Minister Hassan Ali asserts Fateh faction of PLO accepts Reagan plan.

US and Other Countries: Draper flies to Israel for talks with David Kimche on negotiations; US sources now expect evacuation of forces from Lebanon to be pushed back two or three months.