Tuesday, December 7, 1982

Military Action:

Booby-trapped car explodes, as rival militias battle in streets of Tripoli; Druze gunmen fire on Phalange jeep in Aley, IDF troops seal off village.


8 killed, 10 injured in Tripoli; 2 Phalange soldiers killed, 3 wounded in Aley.

Political Responses:

Israeli/ Occupied Territories: Begin and 8 other officials given additional week to amend Inquiry testimony; Begin, in letter to Commission, declines to reappear or cross-examine witnesses; 400,000 workers-one third of entire workforce-go on strike as Histadrut pressures for new wage agreement, closing schools, clinics, municipal offices, cancelling all but TV news programs, affecting embassies and consulates around the world; Jerusalem Post poll shows nearly half of Israeli population believes Israel's recent policies have caused a rise in anti-Semitism, three-quarters of Labor supporters blame government.

US and Other Countries: Vatican considers intervention in dispute over purges of foreign lecturers from West Bank universities.

UN: Syria asks UN to revoke 1949 resolution admitting Israel to UN; Egypt urges US dialogue with PLO.