Wednesday, December 15, 1982

Military Action:

Joint Druze-Phalange committee does not meet as tensions in Chouf run high over kidnappings by both sides; large IDF force patrols area; cease-fire broken near Bhamdoun but reestablished after IDF arrives; IDF truck carrying ammunition goes up in flames near Deir al-Qamar; Syrian Foreign Minister Khaddam visits Tripoli, negotiates immediate cease-fire after 4 hour meeting with local leaders.


IDF planning to reopen former PLO school at el-Mahshuk, near Tyre (many refugees still live in other schools, preventing reopening); students on strike in Chouf area; 2 killed, 25 wounded in Chouf; 3 IDF soldiers wounded in truck explosion.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Sharon declines to testify again before Commisison of Inquiry; Chief of Staff Eitan, Director of Military Intelligence Saguy, head of Mossad, and Sharon's civilian aide Dudai all decide to give additional evidence or to cross-examine witnesses; Shamir meets with Argentine president and foreign minister to discuss Lebanese war, Malvinas, "disappeared" Israeli citizens, ends visit amid indications Argentina will seek large arms purchases; majority of World Zionist Congress vote for resolution, proposed by Labor Party, calling for peace settlement based on "territorial compromise," but parliamentary maneuvering blocks formal adoption.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat meets with former World Jewish Congress president Philip Klutznik in Tunis; Lebanese Foreign Minister Salem meets with Reagan, asks for more troops, also says Colombia, Brazil and Portugal have been asked to donate troops; Gemayel and Wazzan meet with Draper to discuss US proposal of partial withdrawal as first step to create momentum; to seek solution to disagreement on venue of peace talks; Draper departs to join Habib in Israel; Gemayel telephones Assad following meeting.

Arab Governments: Syria sends two high-level delegates to Tripoli port to try to end fighting.

US and Other Countries: Presidential adviser Edwin Meese says US will sell arms to Jordan without demanding its participation in peace talks, says issues unrelated; Honduran foreign minister denies arms deal with Israel but expects agreement on economic and technical assistance; Habib arrives in Israel; Britain postpones trade envoy's visit to Saudi Arabia in wake of tensions from postponing visit by Arab League delegation including PLO representative.