Thursday, February 3, 1983

Military Action:

US and Israeli officials in Beirut agree to demarcate formal boundary between their two forces, using brightly painted barrels; IDF reported using tactic of "reconnaissance by fire," driving along Sidon road and spraying the orchards with machine gun fire; 160 French marines added to French contingent in MNF, another 140 to follow; Syrian Press Agency in West Beirut shattered by bomb.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: 10 new settlements under preparation, 30 awaiting approval; World Zionist Organization predicts population parity between Jews and Arabs in West Bank could be achieved with 1.4 million Jews by year 2010.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PFLP leader George Habash tells Damascus press conference he will ask forthcoming PNC meeting in Algiers to reject Reagan plan and Arafat/ Hussein talks; Major Haddad tells press conference in Metulla that Lebanese government is too weak to guarantee agreement with Israel.

Arab Governments: Mubarak ends one day visit to France.

US and Other Countries: Reagan Administration reported to favor increased grant to loan ratio in $2.5 billion economic and military aid package for Israel; international commission headed by Sean MacBride announces findings that Israel's invasion of Lebanon violated international law and that Israel was involved in the "planning and preparation" of the Beirut massacres; in London, hearing continues on shooting of Israeli Ambassador Argov, currently hospitalized in Jerusalem suffering near total blindness and paralysis.