Thursday, April 7, 1983

Military Action:

Lebanese customs agents confiscate nearly $1m. worth of commercial and agricultural products, mainly smuggled from Israel, during first day of crackdown on illegal imports.


Lebanon carries out first state execution since 1972 by public hanging of man convicted of 1979 murder in Beirut; government gives UNRWA authorization to restore refugee camps to pre-June 1982 condition.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Jerusalem magistrate turns down police request to remand 8 yeshiva students arrested during fight yesterday with Arab residents of Muslim quarter, releases them on bail; Jewish-American immigrant who shot and killed guard while attempting to enter the Dome of the Rock on April 11, 1982, sentenced to life imprisonment, shouts "liquidate the Arabs" as he is led from courtroom.

US and Other Countries: ICRC recommends full inquiry into West Bank illnesses; Washington Post reveals that former Secretary of State Kissinger met secretly last November with member of PLO Executive Committee in Morocco; American Jewish Committee says UN Resolution 242, as applied to West Bank and Gaza, ought to lead to territorial compromise through negotiations; Socialist International congress begins in Portugal, Israeli Labor Party delegation headed by Shimon Peres lobbies to deny official recognition to PLO delegation headed by Issam Sartawi