Wednesday, November 30, 1983

Military Action:

Artillery exchanges between PSP, and LAF and LF throughout the day in Chouf, Metn and Aley regions, and in coastal area south of Beirut; sporadic artillery and machine gun fire between rival militias in Tripoli; commander of IDF-backed militia in South Lebanon disbands his unit, joins Amal.


2 killed, 6 wounded in Tripoli fighting; 3 killed in Chouf; Beirut airport closed after 6 shells hit runway, schools in East Beirut closed; French military helicopter crashes into sea off Beirut, 2 crew members killed, 1 missing.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Arens, in US, calls for unrelenting diplomatic and political pressure to force Syria to withdraw from Lebanon, says Lebanese government should employ guerrilla activity against Syrian forces in Lebanon; Shamir, in US, says US support for Israel, from point of view of American interests, is a bargain; settlers continue to occupy position near Joseph's Tomb in Nablus; petrol bomb thrown at IDF vehicle in Nablus.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Tripoli Higher Coordinating Committee meets separately with Arafat and rebel leaders to coordinate details of cease-fire and withdrawal of forces.

Arab Governments: Saudi ambassador to US criticizes US-Israel program for increased cooperation, says Israel is strategic liability to US, not strategic asset.

US and Other Countries: Gemayel arrives in Washington for meetings tomorrow with Reagan and senior US officials.