Sunday, August 4, 2002

A Hamas suicide bomber detonates a device on a bus at Meron Junction in n. Israel, killing 3 IDF soldiers, 2 Israeli civilians, 2 Philippine workers, 2 Israeli Arabs and wounding 40 (mostly soldiers); Hamas says it will not release the name the bomber to prevent Israel fr. retaliating against his relatives. In Jerusalem, an AMB gunman fatally shoots an Israeli guard, an Israeli telephone employee nr. Damascus Gate; Israeli policemen, soldiers open fire indiscriminately in the direction of the shooter, who is near a café, killing him, a Palestinian café patron, wounding 17. Nr. Aley Sinai settlement in Gaza, the IDF fatally shoots a Palestinian frogman as he emerges fr. the sea carrying a rifle, grenades in a sealed bag. AMB gunmen detonate a roadside bomb nr. a settler car nr. Ramallah, fire on passengers, injuring 3 Jewish settlers. PFLP gunmen fire on a settler bus nr. Tulkarm, injuring 4 Jewish settlers. A roadside bomb injures 4 IDF soldiers nr. Ramallah. The IDF demolishes an 18-dunam PA Youth and Sports Min. complex, a 20-dunam PSF training center, 4 privately owned buildings, several boats in Bayt Lahia. Jewish settlers attack a PRCS ambulance nr. Ramallah, injuring 2 paramedics. (AFP 8/4 in WNC 8/5; MM, NYT, WP, WT 8/5; LAW, PCHR 8/7)