Friday, October 23, 1998

After 21 straight hrs. of talks with Pres. Clinton, Israel, PA reach an agmt. at Wye. Following a delay caused by Netanyahu's last minute claim that the U.S. backed out of a promise to release spy for Israel Pollard as part of the deal, the agmt. is signed at the White House. (MM, PR 10/23; IDF Radio, ITV, MENA 10/23 in WNC 10/26; IDF Radio, ITV, JTV, MENA 10/23, ATL, ITAR-TASS, JT, MENA, RE, RJ, al-Thawra 10/24, al-Ahram, al-Aswaq, ITV, MENA, al-Ra'i, RL, YA 10/25, MA, RL, al-Wafd 10/26 in WNC 10/27; NYT, WP, WT 10/24; WT 10/25; al-Ahram 10/25. al-Akhbar, al-Ba'th, al-Jumhuriyya, MENA 10/26, AFP 10/27 in WNC 10/28; MM 10/26; WJW 10/29; MEI 10/30; SA 10/30 in WNC 11/6; JP 11/2; NYT 11/11; WT 11/12; MM 11/13)