Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The IDF imposes several punitive measures on Husan village nr. Bethlehem in response to reports of stone throwing in the area. They bar residents from entering nearby Beitar Ilit settlement, where many work, and confiscate several vehicles. Elsewhere in the West Bank, Palestinian youths throw a Molotov cocktail at an IDF patrol in Shuqba village nr. Ramallah, causing no injuries. IDF troops arrest 6 Palestinians during late-night raids nr. Qalqilya, Tulkarm, and Jenin, and patrol nr. Ramallah and Nablus. In East Jerusalem, Israeli forces demolish 2 homes and a room in a 3d in Hizma, and arrest 4 Palestinians during late-night raids in Silwan and Issawiyya. Along Gaza’s border, IDF troops open fire on agricultural lands nr. Bayt Hanun. In Israel, Israeli forces demolish a home in the Negev bedouin village of al-Za‘arurah. (MNA, WAFA 2/15; MNA, PCHR 2/16; PCHR 2/23)

A Palestinian in Gaza succumbs to injuries he sustained in a confrontation with IDF troops in 2005. (MNA 2/16) 

Israeli PM Netanyahu meets with U.S. pres. Trump in Washington for the first time. They discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Iran, and other issues related to the Middle East. In a joint press conference, Trump says that both the Israelis and Palestinians must make concessions to reach a final deal. He also says that, although he would prefer a 2-state solution, he “could live with” either a 1-state or a 2-state solution. The White House later issues a statement about the meeting, saying that Trump and Netanyahu “agreed to continue [discussions about settlement construction] and to work out an approach that is consistent with the goal of advancing peace and security.” (AP, EI, HA, JP, NYT 2/15; HA, JP, TOI, WAFA 2/16; ALM 2/19)