Sunday, September 3, 1995

Hamas's Hisham `Abd al-Raziq says Israel permitted 2 Hamas leaders to meet with the group's jailed spiritual leader Shaykh Ahmad Yasin a month and a half ago. Yasin advised Hamas to cease violent attacks, work toward an agmt. with the PA. (QY 9/3, Davar 9/4 in FBIS 9/5; MM 9/4)

PA police say they have conducted 10s of raids in Gaza over the past few days in an attempt to capture Yahya Ayyash, thought to be the mastermind behind Hamas's bombings. (QY 9/3 in FBIS 9/5)

Arab parents in Jaffa call school strike, demanding that children of relocated Palestinian informers be expelled fr. class, saying "If they betrayed their people . . ., we don't want them." (WT 9/4)