Wednesday, July 26, 1995

In Washington, U.S. Secy. of State Christopher meets with Syrian Amb. Mu`allim, says Israel seeks concrete proposals fr. Syria before resuming talks. (QY 7/28 in FBIS 8/1)

Despite heated debates, lower house of Jordanian parliament passes legislation (51-21) overturning 3 laws that treat Israel as an enemy state; refers new legislation to finance, judiciary comms for recommendation to upper house. (MM 6/29; RJ, SARR 7/26, JT 7/27 in FBIS 7/27; MM 7/27; MEI 8/4) (see 7/20)

In 59-59 tie vote, PM Rabin's governing coalition defeats Kahalani bill that would have required special 70-MK majority for withdrawal fr. Golan. Conservative MKs complain that U.S. amb. Indyk lobbied MKs to vote against the measure; U.S. embassy, Shas's Deri deny it. (MM 7/26; ITV 7/25, IDF Radio, QY, YA 7/26 in FBIS 7/26; MM, NYT, WP, WT 7/27; CSM 8/2; WJW 8/3; MEI 8/4; JP 8/5) (see 9/7/94, 5/1) (see 7/25)

In Jerusalem, 4 settlers open fire on Faisal Husseini's house, stone Palestinians' cars, shoot at nearby homes. Damage, but no casualties, reported. Israel police capture 3 suspects. (VOP 7/26 in FBIS 7/26; ITV, RMC 7/26 in FBIS 7/27)