Tuesday, August 8, 1995

Arafat, Peres continue talks in Taba. PA, Israel agree on timetable for Israeli withdrawal fr. parts of the West Bank after PA agrees to allow IDF until 2/97 to complete redeployment. IDF would withdraw fr. some towns 6 mos after elections, give up control of roads 1 yr. after elections (which would ideally be held in 12/95). (MM 8/8; VOP 8/8 in FBIS 8/8; MENA, QY 8/8 in FBIS 8/9; CSM, NYT, WT 8/9; WT 8/10)

In more than 20 Israeli cities, settlers block roads during rush hour, clash with Israeli police in their 1st protests inside the Green Line against expanded Palestinian self-rule. 130 are arrested; primary organizer Moshe Reiglin is fined IS10,000 ($3,300). (MM 8/8; QY 8/8 in IL 8/8; QY 8/8 in FBIS 8/9; MM, NYT, WT 8/9; WT 8/10; PR 8/18)

In the West Bank, settlers set up encampments nr. Alfe Menashe, Hebron, Elon Moreh, Ofra, al-Nabi Samu'il bringing to 15 the number of new sites occupied by right-wing Jews in recent days. (QY 8/8, 8/9 in FBIS 8/9)

PM Rabin holds follow-up mtg. settler leaders (see 8/4), refuses their request to see maps of the planned IDF redeployment fr. the West Bank. Leaders vow to continue antigovernment protests. (MM 8/8; QY 8/8 in IL 8/8; Davar 8/8 in FBIS 8/8; QY 8/8 in FBIS 8/9; MM 8/10)

5 dissident PFLP-GC mbrs hold reconciliation talks with Arafat; ask him to allow 100 PFLP-GC mbrs. to return to Gaza, hold mtg. to oust Ahmad Jibril as leader. Arafat says he will consider the request. (AFP 8/8 in FBIS 8/9)

U.S. formally arrests Hamas's Abu Marzuq, begins extradition proceedings that could result in his being deported to Israel on charges of terrorism, conspiracy to commit murder. (NYT, WP 8/9; WT 8/10) (see 7/31)