Tuesday, December 6, 1994

U.S. Secy. of State Christopher arrives in Damascus; gives Pres. al-Asad proposal fr. PM Rabin. (MM 12/6; SARR 12/6 in FBIS 12/6; SARR, SATV 12/6 in FBIS 12/7; MM, NYT, WT 12/7; MEI 12/16) (see 11/21)

Israel, PA meet in Cairo for discussions on implementing self-rule. PA negotiator, Planning M Shaath, accuses Israel of trying to renege on promises to withdraw troops. (MM, WT 12/6; VOP 12/6 in FBIS 12/6; IDF Radio, MENA 12/6 in FBIS 12/7; NYT 12/7; VOP 12/7 in FBIS 12/8)

Secy. of State Christopher arrives in Tel Aviv, briefs PM Rabin on talks with Pres. al-Asad, says Israel cannot be expected to withdraw troops fr. West Bank until Palestinian attacks on Israelis end. (MM 12/6; ITV 12/6, QY 12/7 in FBIS 12/7; NYT 12/7; MEI 12/16) (see 12/1)

PM Rabin approves another 5,000 work permits for Palestinians. (MM 12/6)

Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu meets with King Hussein, Crown Prince Hassan in Amman, stresses Likud no longer believes Jordan is Palestine; discusses ways to combat terrorism, increase economic ties. (JTV 12/6 in FBIS 12/7; MM 12/7; ITV 12/6 in FBIS 12/8; JP 12/17)

Russia, PA sign protocol on security operations in Moscow, stating Russia will give security training to PA recruits. (Al-Quds 12/7 in FBIS 12/9)

5 Fateh mbrs. are wounded in shootout btwn. rival Fateh factions, one headed by Col. Rajub, head of PSF in West Bank. (QY 12/6 in FBIS 12/7)

1 IDF soldier killed, 1 wounded when bomb explodes nr. their post in southern Lebanon. IDF, SLA shell Hizballah positions in response. (FL 12/6 in FBIS 12/7; WP, WT 12/7; MEI 1/20)