Monday, January 23, 1995

PM Rabin gives television address on bombings. (MM 1/23; ITV 1/23 in FBIS 1/24; MM, WT 1/24; MEI 2/3)

Clinton sends personal letter to PM Rabin condemning 1/22 bombings, saying he was "personally sickened" by Palestinians that supported it. (IDF Radio 1/23 in FBIS 1/24; NYT 1/25)

Jordan, Palestinians agree on draft accord to settle difference over Jerusalem before Arafat's visit to Amman 1/25. Palestinians will recognize Jordanian custody of Muslim holy cites; Jordan will support Palestinian sovereignty over Jerusalem. Also agree on postal services, telecommunications, financial issues. (JTV, RJ 1/23 in FBIS 1/24; VOP 1/23, AFP, RJ 1/24, JT, RJ 1/25 in FBIS 1/25; WT 1/25; RJ 1/24, JT 1/25 in FBIS 1/26)

FM Peres says Israel will outlaw Hamas, Islamic Jihad charities, mosques in West Bank; says Israeli needs to "adopt draconian measures," incl. against attackers' families, to prevent further attacks. (IDF Radio 1/23 in FBIS 1/24)

Israeli Amb. David Sultan suggests Egyptian People's Assembly invite Knesset delegation to visit Cairo to ease tensions btwn. Israel, Egypt. Assembly declines. (MENA 1/23 in FBIS 1/23)

Asst. Secy. of State Pelletreau, Egyptian Pres. Mubarak meet, discuss bilateral relations. Mubarak says Egypt will not back down on NPT issue. (MENA 1/23 in FBIS 1/23)

PM Rabin's security advisors extend waiver of restrictions on Shin Bet for combatting terrorism. Health M Efraim Sneh comments "There are no limitations for the security services--[We have given them] a free hand." (WP, WT 1/24)