Friday, June 3, 1994

Palestinians in Hebron demonstrate against previous day's air raid on Lebanon, throw rocks at IDF, which responds with tear gas, rubber bullets.  (WP 6/4)

Israel masses tanks artillery on northern border, southern Lebanese evacuate home as tensions mount after previous day's air raid.  15,000 attend Beirut funeral of some of raid's victims addressed by Hizballah S.G. Shaykh Hasan Nasrallah.  Fijian UNIFIL soldier killed nr. Tyre by unknown gunmen.  (NYT, WP, WT 6/4; RL 6/3 in FBIS 6/7)

UNRWA Commissioner-General Ilter Türkmen starts 2-day visit to West Bank, Gaza Strip to discuss UNRWA projects with PECDAR, Israeli officials.  Türkmen also reviews UNRWA's "Peace Implementation Programme" with UNRWA field directors.  (UNRWA News 6/15)