Tuesday, October 20, 1992

In joint interview with al-Hayat and Le Monde, PM Rabin says there are "better chances" for peace with Syria than with the Palestinians because in that country "there is somebody who can take decisions." He stresses that an agreed-upon PISGA does not foreclose the Palestinian "right to negotiate the permanent solution on the basis of Resolutions 242 and 338." (MM 10/20; Le Monde 10/21 in FBIS 10/22)

Two Fateh officials are killed and 2 wounded in attack on cafe in Sidon, Lebanon. Fateh-FRC (Abu Nidal) violence has claimed 21 lives over the last 3 months. (VOL 10/20 in FBIS 10/20, 10/21)

New Lebanese parliament holds opening sessions, elects pro-Syrian Amal leader Nabih Birri parliament speaker by vote of 105 to 14. (Former speaker Hussein Husseini had resigned 8/24.) (Radio Lebanon 10/20 in FBIS 10/20; NYT 10/21)

King Hassan 1I of Morocco embarks on tour of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt, to promote Arab unity and the peace process. It is the first extensive tour of Arab states he has taken in 30 years. (MM 10/20)