Friday, July 23, 1982

Military Action:

IDF jets, artillery attack Palestinian areas of West Beirut for second day (Fakhani and stadium areas, Burj al-Barajneh, Shatila, Ramlet el-Baida, Lailake, road into airport hit); Bekaa quiet (IDF rebuilding, resurfacing roads in area); two PLO attacks on IDF, one an ambush of soldiers near Bhamdoun, the other on military command center in Sidon (IDF, assisted by Phalangists, seals off city, sets curfew, searches vehicles and houses for guerrillas).


Salam says David Dodge (US educator kidnapped earlier in July) reportedly alive; WAFA says 56 killed, wounded in today's raids (estimates 182 casualties from IDF raids on West Beirut, Bekaa valley yesterday); civilians remain despite extensive damage in Fakhani (many buildings burn); IDF makes little effort at civil administration in the Bekaa, allowing Phalange to be in control; IDF continues blockade of West Beirut (despite some food getting through, doctors report rise in nutrition-related diseases).

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Shamir says PLO does not want to leave Beirut, warns US of "grave danger" in tampering with UN Resolution 242; General Eliezer, in London, claims only 31,000 refugees have resulted from the Lebanese war (excluding Beirut), puts Arab deaths at 1,300 (including 1,000 "terrorists"); Eitan says Israel will not tolerate "war of attrition"; Israel plans to sell some of captured PLO weapons to Third World countries to offset the cost of the war; Begin signs agreement with the ultranationalist Tehiya Party (which opposes the Camp David Accords); 40 Palestinian women's societies in the occupied territories issue a statement demanding an end to the invasion, reaffirming their support for the PLO.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO denounces IDF raid as political act; PLO security actively seeking Dodge's release; PLO-Lebanese negotiations at a standstill while Habib tours Arab capitals; PLO spokesman says negotiations could be helped if US spoke directly to the PLO; Salam meets Wazzan, proposes timetable to make interim PLO withdrawals to other parts of Lebanon more acceptable; Bashir Gemayel, seeking support for his presidential bid, meets with Druze leader Arslan as slayings raise tensions between Phalange and Druze; Shiite Deputy Al-Zani released by Haddad forces; PLO representative in Paris slain by bomb (Abu Nidal and Jewish Armed Resistance both claim responsibility); Arslan meets with Israeli Druze leader Tarif, accompanied by Likud MK.

Arab Governments: Habib meets with Assad and Khaddam in Damascus (Syria reasserts view that focus of negotiations should be on achieving IDF withdrawal).

US and Other Countries: Weinberger cancels trip to California in concern over possible IDF invasion of Beirut; US officials reportedly see possibility of direct dealing with PLO if US forces sent to Beirut; Interior Secretary Watt's letter to Israeli Ambassador Arens, urging American Jews to support Administration energy policies to ensure US support for Israel, causes furor and is disavowed by White House.