Monday, November 22, 1982

Military Action:

Several hundred Shiite militiamen attack Lebanese Army barracks in Baalbek for two hours before retreating, in first armed protest of Amin Gemayel's government; Lebanese Army fortifies position around barracks.


Three militiamen killed in Baalbek fighting, several wounded, two Lebanese soldiers wounded; Maariv estimates 1,200 Palestinians have been killed in Lebanese Army sweeps through West Beirut, another 60,000 may have been sent to Syrian-controlled Lebanese territory and their homes destroyed; UNRWA officially decides to stop preparing cement floors for tents and giving out tents and to use money for refugees in other ways.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israeli defense ministry reportedly amending old work permit forms to include almost identical wording of loyalty pledge and note that permit can be withdrawn if holder helps the PLO; Israeli authorities order deportation of 9 lecturers at Islamic University in Gaza for "invalid" visas; curfew imposed on Nablus market and Askar refugee camp following attack on two Jewish settlers from Elon Moreh; Israeli authorities report 3-4,000 Lebanese visit Israel in last week since restrictions eased (Palestinians excluded); Israeli official says goods worth $20 m. arrived in Lebanon from Israel last month; Sharon and Zipori clash at Cabinet meeting; Sharon asks Cabinet to schedule full debate on state of PLO following invasion of Lebanon; Commission of Inquiry slates inquiry into discovery of IDF identity tag and card of IDF sergeant found inside Sabra camp, as Sergeant Benny Chaim twice fails to appear to testify; Israel accuses France of freezing economic relations since June invasion.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese Army celebrates Independence Day for first time in eight years; Habib meets with Druze leader Majid Arslan and Pierre Gemayel in bid to ease Chouf tensions.

US and Other Countries: US State Department officials welcome Israeli decision to modify loyalty pledge requirements; Reagan Administration considering asking Congress for $500 million in aid for Lebanese reconstruction; Henry Kissinger says Jordanian participation in negotiations over West Bank essential.