Monday, July 26, 2021

In the West Bank, 1 Palestinian minor succumbed to his injuries after 74 days in intensive care after being shot by Israeli forces in the neck near Ramallah on 5/14. Israeli settlers began construction work around a spring in Wadi al-Malih. Israeli forces violently dispersed Palestinian protesters during a raid in Nablus, causing tear-gas related injuries. Israeli forces seized electric cables and an excavator in as-Samu. 10 Palestinians were arrested during late-night raids in and around Deir Balut, Silwad, Sur Baher, al-Ubeidiya, Wadi Abu Freiha, Hebron, Qabatiya, Meithalun, and Tammun. In East Jerusalem, Israeli forces dispersed Palestinian protesters in Sheikh Jarrah. 2 Palestinians were arrested during late-night raids in Silwan. (AP, HA, WAFA, WAFA 7/26; WAFA 7/27; PCHR 7/29)

Kahanist Israeli lawmaker Itamar Ben-Gvir of the Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) party called the Palestinian Israeli deputy speaker of the Knesset Ahmad Tibi a terrorist before being forcefully removed from the Knesset podium he was speaking from. Ben-Gvir’s smear happened after he refused to address Tibi as “Mr. Speaker.” (HA 7/26; MEMO, TOI 7/27)

Tunisian president Kais Saied ousted the Tunisian government and froze the parliament in what was said to be a coup. Tunisian forces also stormed the Al Jazeera offices in Tunis and expelled the staff from the premises. Tunisians had taken to the street on 7/25 to protest the government after a new COVID-19 spike and continued economic difficulties. (AJ 7/25; AJ, AJ, AJ, AJ, AJ, AP, HA, MEE, MEMO, MEMO, MEMO, REU, REU 7/26)

In Lebanon, Najib Mikati secured 72 of 118 votes in the Lebanese parliament to be approved as the new prime minister-elect. Saad Hariri resigned as prime minister-elect on 7/15 after failing to form a government 9 months after being picked to do so. Mikati has been Lebanon’s prime minister twice before, in 2005 and 2011-14. (AJ, REU 7/25; AJ, AJ, AP, F24, MEMO, MEMO, REU, REU 7/26)

U.S. president Joe Biden and Iraqi prime minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi agreed, during a meeting at the White House, that all U.S. combat troops would leave Iraq by the end of 2021, leaving only U.S. personnel for advisory roles. (HA, MEMO 7/26; MEE, REU 7/27)

4 members of congress, Tom Malinowski (D-NJ), Katie Porter (D-CA), Joaquin Castro (D-TX), and Anna G. Eshoo (D-CA), urged the Biden administration to speak out against companies that sell cyber intrusion tools, such as NSO Group, and to consider sanctioning such companies and the regimes that use their tools. The members’ call follows reporting from 7/18 that NSO Group, with approval from the Israeli government, sold its Pegasus spyware to foreign governments, which have used the spyware on journalists, activists, and heads of other countries. (Tom Malinowski 7/26; HA, MEE 7/27)

Florida governor Ron DeSantis (R) urged the Florida State Board of Administration to place Ben & Jerry’s and its parent company Unilever on the state’s list of companies to be examined in relation to boycotts of Israel. The move comes as Ben & Jerry’s announced on 7/19 that it will stop selling its ice cream in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and end its licensing to an Israeli-based franchise. (HA, HILL 7/26)