Saturday, July 17, 1982

Military Action:

Several incidents shake cease-fire; small arms fire reported in Beirut area.


Beirut food supplies sufficient but prohibitively expensive for poorer Lebanese and Palestinian refugees; much of fresh produce is from Israel, resold to Lebanese middlemen; Phalangists at checkpoints bribed to let goods through; some vegetable prices have increased 300-400 percent; Baalbek refugee center in eastern Lebanon out of food; 100,000 Lebanese and Palestinians fled to Baalbek area to escape fighting elsewhere in Lebanon; relief supplies being sent by ICRC and other groups from Damascus; polio, measles, and scabies reported in region; IDF reportedly lifts blockade somewhat; ICRC officials scheduled to begin interviewing thousands of detainees at Israel's new Anzal prison; every third house in Rashidiyeh lies in ruins, as journalists allowed in for first time since invasion; 4 PLO members killed near Lake Karoun; 1 IDF soldier wounded near airport.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: David Kimche visits Habib in Beirut for briefing; Begin, at large pro-government rally in Tel Aviv, suggests possible Israeli confederation with Jordan, offers to meet with Hussein after peace treaty with Lebanon signed; Sharon offers temporary asylum to PLO guerrillas who renounce the PLO; Uri Avnery, in US, urges Reagan administration to recognize the PLO.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Sarkis wants "global and final" resolution to Palestinian issue in Lebanon, opposes temporary regroupment; Bashir Gemayel and Walid Jumblatt meet at presidential palace in effort to revive National Salvation Council, seen by some as part of Gemayel's effort to win Lebanese presidential election; Gemayel meets with Salam and Berri; Gemayel denouces PLO delay in leaving.

Arab Governments: Jumblatt visits Damascus to persuade Syrians to accept PLO evacuees.

US and Other Countries: Meeting of 69 Non- Aligned States' foreign ministers, called at Arafat's request, convenes in Cyprus, urges UN sanctions against Israel, forms peace committee to help resolve crisis.