Wednesday, January 5, 1983

Military Action:

Israeli truck driver kidnapped and killed near Damour, bomb thrown at IDF near Hadath, Lebanese National Resistance claims responsibility; artillery and gunfire resume in Tripoli one hour after 3 PM cease-fire announced by Rashid Karami.


2 IDF wounded near Hadath; press reports indicate 23 psychological injuries for every 100 casualties in IDF during Lebanon war, of which 2/3 do not return to combat.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Sharon urges patience and perseverance on demand for normalization with Lebanon; High Court rejects petition of Negev Bedouin families to remain on land near Dimona designated a military area; Israeli papers publish photos of special jeeps equipped with army-supplied radios and 2 armed settlers used by Gush Etzion regional council to search for illegal Arab buildings.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Assad Germanos, Military Prosecutor heading Lebanese investigation into massacre, says he has made 3 visits to Sabra and Shatila, and hopes to finish his report by March or April; Rashid Karami, returning from Damascus, says Syrian Deputy Defense Minister Ali Aslan is in Tripoli to arrange cease-fire.

Arab Governments: Qatar, UAE and Oman call off visit of British Foreign Secretary Pym, causing him to cancel his trip.

US and Other Countries: President Reagan receives Israeli President Navon at White House, affirms that security of Israel is inescapably connected to peace in the Middle East; Reagan announces Special Envoy Habib will return to Middle East.