Thursday, January 20, 1983

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: IDF receives instructions to avoid contact with multi-national force in Beirut; following eighth round of Lebanese-Israeli-US negotiations in Kiryat Shemona, Lebanon says Israel will not be permitted to operate electronic surveillance stations on Lebanese soil, all agree to forming 4 subcommittees for timetable of withdrawal, security arrangements, future Israeli-Lebanese relations, guarantees to final agreement, with subcommittees to meet 2 days per week in Khalde and Herzliya; public opinion poll shows, if Knesset elections today, Likud would win 52 seats against 42 with a Labor list headed by former President Navon; Matti Peled, Uri Avnery and Yaacov Arnon, members of the Israeli Council for an Israeli-Palestinian Peace, announce meeting with PLO Chairman Arafat last week; Israel lodges formal complaint that 2 Egyptian tractors crossed into no-man's-land near disputed Taba region of Sinai; Sheikh Kamal Maade of Yarka announces Israeli Druze fundraising campaign for Lebanese Druze will be renewed; Israeli intercommunal committee to foster peace between Druze and Christians in Lebanon calls on IDF not to withdraw until a reconciliation is reached in the Chouf; Defense Minister Sharon leaves Zaire after signing a series of military agreements; documents presented at courtmartial of Israeli soldiers show Chief of Staff Eitan recommended punishment by expulsion to curb unrest among Palestinians in the West Bank, also suggested detention/exile camp, such as the one for teenage detainees built at Fara'a, near Nablus.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Prime Minister Wazzan blames Israel for the near-stalemate in talks, rules out monitoring station in South with either Israeli or US personnel; Phalange official tells Western diplomats and journalists that suspected assassin of Bashir Gemayel, Habib Shartouni, was manipulated by Nabil Alam of pro-Syrian Syrian Social National Party (PPS), but results of official inquiry into Bashir's death not released.

Arab Governments: Egyptian Government withdraws tractors, saying it was an accident they strayed into disputed Taba territory; Syria condemns Lebanese-Israeli-US talks, complains to UN that Israel is threatening to attack.

US and Other Countries: US contacts Israel through diplomatic channels to express concern over incidents involving IDF and Marines in Beirut, total of 5 such incidents in January.