Wednesday, May 4, 1983

Military Action:

Bomb explodes as IDF vehicle passes in Beirut suburb of Baabda; IDF vehicle detonates mine near Ein Zahlata; IDF tank hits mine in Bekaa region.


6 IDF soldiers wounded in Baabda attack, 3 in Ein Zahlata; Lebanese police report 3 Palestinians killed in two attacks on IDF positions in South Lebanon; stray machine gun fire by IDF penetrates US Marine base after Baabda attack, no injuries; UNRWA officials report escalation in attacks on Palestinians in Sidon, said to coincide with arrival there of Phalange officer Elie Hobeika, armed and masked men of Guardians of Cedars threatening Palestinians, 4 killed, 2 wounded since April 28.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Shultz returns to Jerusalem, meets with Begin, Shamir, Arens; Begin says he will call Cabinet meeting to decide on draft troop withdrawal agreement; Ministry of Absorption reports that only 11 of the 114 Jews leaving the Soviet Union last month came to Israel; Elon Moreh settlers fire on Nablus youths when stones are thrown at their car, 13 students arrested, school closed; window of Israeli truck broken by stones near Kalandia camp; 400 students hold sit-in demonstration at Tireh UNRWA Training Center.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: President Gemayel says the danger of signing an agreement with Israel without obtaining the withdrawal of Syria, the PLO and some Iranians is that Israel will not withdraw and the agreement will have no value; PLO seeks guarantees for security of Palestinians in Lebanon as precondition for withdrawal of PLO forces, Saudi information minister to intervene with Lebanese officials this week on issues of murders of Palestinians, threats to refugees, bombings of shops, expulsions, detention, attacks by Lebanese Army on Palestinian women crossing into East Lebanon to visit husbands and fathers with PLO forces.

Arab Governments: Jordan considering limitations on export of West Bank produce to East Bank, restrictions on entry of West Bank students to University of Jordan, holding of elections on East Bank only.

US and Other Countries: Shultz continues talks in Beirut, then returns to Jerusalem; Reagan says PLO council was never elected by the Palestinian people, referendum on alternative leadership might not be practical; French foreign minister meets PLO official, asks PLO to cancel UN conference on Palestine scheduled for UNESCO's Paris headquarters in August.