Saturday, July 15, 2000

PA, Israeli teams take a break fr. formal talks, go sightseeing. After the Jewish Sabbath ends, Clinton holds a 3-way mtg. with Arafat, Barak. PM Barak also phones presidential candidates, VP Al Gore and Texas gov. George W. Bush; no details are released. The White House also confirms that the PA, Israeli teams have begun meeting on noncore issues in Emmitsburg. (White House press conference, WT 7/16; DUS 7/16 in WNC 7/18; NYT, WP, WT 7/17; JP 7/21)

In Jerusalem, Israeli peace activists hold a rally in support of the Camp David talks. In the PA areas, various groups supporting and opposing the talks hold demonstrations. In Hebron, 100s of Jewish settlers adamantly opposed to the peace process throw rocks at Palestinians, claiming they are disturbing the Sabbath, sparking a riot that lasts 3 hrs. 3 Palestinian cameramen are badly beaten by IDF soldiers while trying to film the incident. (LAW 7/15; WP, WT 7/16; al-Quds 7/22 in WNC 7/24; MEI 7/28)

Jewish settlers occupy a hill top nr. Efrat settlement, clash with Israeli police who attempt to remove them. (IDF Radio [Internet] 7/16)