Friday, August 8, 1997

A delegation of 46 Israeli Arabs, incl. 7 MKs, arrives in Syria for an unprecedented 12-day visit to show their support for the Syrian position on talks with Israel. (RMC 8/8 in WNC 8/11; SATN 8/9, IDF Radio, MA 8/11 in WNC 8/12; MM 8/11, 8/12) (for background see RMC 8/3, SA 8/4 in WNC 8/5; MM 8/4)

Italian PM Romano Prodi meets with PM Netanyahu in Israel, then flies to Beirut to give PM Rafiq Hariri a message fr. Netanyahu. (ANSA [Rome] 8/8 in WNC 8/11)

Israel eases the "inner closure," allowing Palestinian movement btwn. Jericho, Nablus; reopens the Rafah border crossing btwn. Gaza, Egypt. (WT 8/10)

Katyusha rockets hit Kiryat Shimona in n. Israel, damaging a synagogue, injuring 1 woman. DM Mordechai blames Hizballah for the attack; IDF responds by shelling PFLP-GC bases outside Beirut. Hizballah denies responsibility. (AFP, RL, VOL 8/8 in WNC 8/11; WP, WT 8/9; WT 8/10; YA 8/10 in WNC 8/12)

Jordanian police arrest 5 men connected to the outlawed Bayt al-Imam group, who were allegedly plotting anti-Israeli attacks in Israel, the occupied territories. (AFP, RMC 8/17, JT 8/18 in WNC 8/19)