Monday, July 26, 1982

Military Action: IDF jets bomb Palestinian areas of Beirut for fifth day, blowing up major PLO ammunition dump in Ramlet el-Baida (raid initiated at 2:42 PM, same number as UN resolution); jets hit Shatila, Sabra, Burj al-Barajneh, Fakhani, Bir Hassan, Spinney's, Corniche Mazraa; IDF naval artillery pound areas, including Ouzai; artillery, rocket duels between IDF and PLO; French media asserts IDF bringing up toxic chemical shells for use in Beirut (reportedly used in battle for Beaufort Castle).

Casualties: Beirut radio reports 15 killed, 47 wounded today; 8 IDF soldiers wounded near Choueifat, south of Beirut; fires burn near stadium; ICRC resumes visits to Ansar detention camp after stoppage due to "IDF interference with ICRC work"; electricity remains cut off to West Beirut.

Political Responses: Israel/ Occupied Territories: Habib, Begin plan meeting today; Foreign Ministry spokesman Avi Pazner rules out direct negotiations with the PLO, even if it does recognize Israel; petrol prices rise 17 percent, cooking gas 24 percent because of invasion of Lebanon; Israel dismisses mayor, town council of Kalkilya (ninth municipality dissolved since March); IDF Army Colonel Eli Geva, commander of tank brigade outside Beirut, resigns, refusing to order his men to enter Beirut; Israeli newspaper Davar reports Israeli delegation is in US seeking mercenaries (especially US veterans) to fight in Lebanese war for Israel.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO claims IDF attacks are designed to "soften up" Beirut before assault on city, exhaust PLO ammunition.

Arab Governments: Egypt welcomes Arafat statement, calls on US to recognize PLO.

US and Other Countries: Rep. McCloskey calls for cut-off of military aid to Israel because of use of cluster bombs; controversy continues around statement signed by Arafat in meeting with Congressional delegation (White House rejects statement as "unclear"); Representative Rahall (D-WV) notes "hellish destruction" in West Beirut; Habib meets Jordan's King Hussein in London, briefs UK Foreign Secretary Pym, flies to Israel; Canada plans to send $1.8 million in humanitarian aid to Lebanon; France hails Arafat statement.