Wednesday, October 21, 1998

U.S. announces plans to present a text outlining what it believes to be the points of accord btwn. Israel, the PA reached thus far, which could be signed as a partial agmt. Fearing an ultimatum, Netanyahu threatens to send his delegation home, holds conference call with Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations to mobilize its support in an anticipated public row with the White House. Clinton cancels plans to return to Wye, Albright suspends U.S. participation until Netanyahu agrees to resume security talks. After several hrs. of security talks involving CIA Dir. Tenet, Netanyahu agrees to stay. (MM 10/21; IDF Radio, ITV 10/21 in WNC 10/22; ITV 10/21 in WNC 10/23; al-Akhbar, ITV 10/21, Globes [Internet] 10/22 in WNC 10/23; CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/22; ITV, al-Quds 10/22 in WNC 10/26; MM, WP 10/23; WP 10/24; NYT 10/25; MEI 10/30)

The U.S. asks Israel to investigate 2 incidents in 3/98 (3/10, 3/13) in which the IDF shot Palestinians, raising the issue for the 1st time under a U.S. law that can limit foreign aid when troops abuse human rights. (WP 10/22)

During morning rush hr., Jewish settlers block traffic at 3 major junctions in the West Bank to protest possibility of a compromise agmt. with the PA. (WP 10/22)

To block a rider on an unrelated issue, Pres. Clinton vetoes a bill that would pay $1 b. in late dues to the UN. Although a separate spending bill has been passed to pay the UN enough to allow the U.S. to keep its voting rights in the UNGA, UN Secy. Gen. Kofi Annan says that the UN feels "deceived," having carried out reforms demanded by Congress in exchange for payment of U.S. arrears. (NYT, WP 10/22)

Saying it impedes the ability of the pres. to conduct foreign policy in the interest of national security, Pres. Clinton signs a determination waiving legislation that allows property held by a foreign state to be subject to legal claim, blocking the Flatow's attempt to take possession of 12 Iranian holdings. (Federal Register 11/2) (see 9/27)

U.S. grants Turkey $823,000 in technical assistance to help plan its part of a proposed oil/gas pipeline linking Azerbaijan with the Turkish port of Ceyhan. (WP 10/23) (see 5/14)