Friday, September 16, 1994

Palestinian econ. report is released, shows PNA has received only $90 m. of $2.4 b. allocated by donor countries; PNA will need $11.2 b. to finance autonomous areas until 2000. (TJT 9/16 in FBIS 9/20)

PNA Local Affairs M Erakat says Israel has blocked preparations for elections by not releasing population records for West Bank, halting survey to determine polling locations. (WP 9/16)

PNA Econ. M Qurai` tenders resignation citing dissatisfaction with Arafat's economic approach, refusal to delegate authority. Arafat does not accept the resignation. (ITV, QY, VOP 9/16; FT, NYT, WP 9/17)

UNRWA announces following donations: Luxembourg, $1.2 m. for 2 medical centers in Gaza; Netherlands, $840,000 for women's centers in Gaza; Australia, $179,055 for 2 health centers in Gaza. (UNRWA News 9/21)

Benjamin Kahane, head of Kahane Chai, says 150 of his U.S. supporters will leave for Jordan to set up a settlement on the East Bank. Jordanian FMin. asks Israeli govt. to curb group. (IDF Radio 9/16, QY 9/17 in FBIS 9/19)

Israeli Police M Moshe Shahal announces Israeli police want to question PSF's West Bank head Col. Jibril Rajub about charges 10 PSF mbrs., inc. 3 of his bodyguards, kidnapped a Jordanian national in Jerusalem 9/9 and are detaining him in Jericho. (QY 9/16 in FBIS 9/16; JP 10/8)

IDF Lt. Oren Edri, arrested 9/2 for "anti-Arab activities," is formally charged with illegally holding and transferring arms, passing classified information on locations IDF arms depots to settlers. (MM 9/16; JP 9/17)

2 settlers fatally shoot Palestinian nr. Hebron, claiming he threw stones at their car. Court releases the pair on bail, saying they shot in self-defense. (JP 9/24)